The Crocheter’s Largest Problem

This has been a problem I am yet to encounter but I’m sure I will encounter very very soon. I think many crocheters and fellow creators of anything love to  try out creating new things but don’t need/want/ have room for all of their creations. If you have this problem then I have a fantastic solution! DONATE! I can not stress enough how much you can help people with what you make! I first learned this through the craft club I was a part of in my high-school. My friends basically made up the club and the president (also my friend) taught everyone how to crochet….And so my addiction to pretty colored yarn and free crochet patterns online started. Anyway.. During the club we thought it would be nice to do some crocheting for charity and decided to take part in making baby hats for Warm Up America so babies would not die of hypothermia in their tender first few months. I’ll be honest…I only made one baby hat. I was still learning and with school I was pretty busy. But the thought that without that one hat there may not be a child alive today, was really moving. Anyway here is a fantastic list of charities which accept crocheted and knit items for important causes toward teens, children, the troops, animals, people undergoing treatment for diseases, ect. I really hope you consider donating to any of these causes. That’s all for now.


2 comments on “The Crocheter’s Largest Problem

  1. Thanks for sharing the link to my post on charities that accept crochet donations. It’s so great to give in this way!!

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