Gardening and such..

Today I decided it was just about time to start cleaning up the garden which meant raking out all the pine needles and leaves. We have white pine trees which surround our house and as much as I like their air cleansing and protecting presence, they can make quite a mess and we often find ourselves tracking the pine needles into the house and having pine pitch on the cars. But anyway… Now that the garden is cleaned out I can start planting some of the plants we have in it.

Here’s some pictures of my undertaking today and the plants we currently are tending to.








Some plants: red/pink flowers, basil, red/green leafy plant, Hasta (spelling?), strawberries, mint, bleeding heart, and pansies.

IMG_0336 IMG_0337 IMG_0338 IMG_0342 IMG_0343 IMG_0345 IMG_0348 IMG_0353


I also found a spider in one of the pots I set out and a spider web in the front of the house.








All in all it was a pretty productive day. I went grocery shopping with my mom and helped make nachos with guacamole for supper. I also got started on crochet a little slip cover for my kindle. I also got The Wizard of Oz, A fairytales collection, and the collected works of Edgar Allen Poe on my kindle. I am really eager to jump into reading some of these but first need to find reading all the Grimm Fairtales which I started reading on my ipod and recently got on my kindle as well. That’s all for now… many good thoughts your way.



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