Lots of Kitchen Time Today!

I spent most of today outside and in the kitchen. I “weeded” out all of the mint from the garden which has sort of spread and taken over a bit. I potted some of it and hung the rest up to dry and will put it in the spice rack once it is done drying. I also made sun tea with some sprigs and plain decaf black tea. I used up the rest of my dried mint from last year in the tea as well. I also dug up some dandelions and am drying to roots and flowers and will use the leaves for a salad tomorrow during lunch.

Here’s some pictures of all this:


I also gathered materials (pine needles, pine bark, and a pine cone) to do a spell from the book The Faeries Guide to Green Magick from the Garden by Jamie Wood and Lisa Steinke. I love this book and highly recommend it! The illustrations in it are beautiful!


I have a special spot under an oak tree where a flat stone is right near the base. It makes a perfect little outside altar. In fact I probably should dress it up as such with other rocks. Anyway.. The spell I am doing is called Artemis-Mugwort Vision for New Birth and is done, as you may have gathered, with mugwort and some of the other supplies I listed. The spells goal is to get in touch with the goddess Artemis who is a very good symbol of strength and the woods. It is also somewhat of a manifestation spell for a wish you have. For some reason I feel like working with fire and plan of burning the ingredients instead of placing them in water. Some practitioners may see this as too destructive of a force for a spell intending to create something but I believe fire will release the energies and empower them to be directed by the air to grant my wish. I work best with air so I like the smoke a lot and find incense especially useful. I’m still unsure what to wish for. Love? Healing? Cleansing? The truth is I am pretty content with my life right now. I think the best thing to ask for is cleansing and healing from a particular action I find myself regretting right now. I will tell you how it goes tonight when the sliver of moon is shining down.

For now I will leave you with a picture of the groundhog who lives on our front lawn and made an appearance today.



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