My Experience with the Artemis Spell

Late night my spell didn’t go as well as I would have liked. I tried to burn the supplies I gathered but the fire would not catch well. I half expected this because I have had the same experience in the past. I don’t work as well with fire as I would like but I’m trying my best. I do work fine with candles so I think I will stick with that for now. I did eventually put the supplies I saved into water like the spell said and the mugwort gave off the most wonderful smell. I obviously should have not deviated from the spell in the book! I sat there with my altar candles lit and sprinkled the water on my face and third eye. I started to meditate and visualize but kept getting a bit distracted by the mugwort. I visualize Artemis as a woman with thin intense green eyes and light brown hair. She was standing and then bent over to look at me.

I thought to her, “I wanted to visit you.”

She replied, “You are here for a wish to be granted.”

I nodded and expressed my wish for healing and cleansing. But, of course, she saw through this to my actual desire to have a romantic relationship in the future which will last my whole life. Not now but some day.

She said, “Don’t worry. It will happen.”

I will admit that most of this conversation was coming from myself and I was making it happen so I’m unsure how genuine it is but I always feel in tune with things in that state. Even if I made the whole thing up, the “Artemis” me was coming from a place of wisdom and hope within myself which told me exactly what I needed to hear at this point in my life. Whether something is real or not, it doesn’t mean what you gain from the experience is not real. At least that is how I see it. As an imaginative person who enjoys escaping into movies, tv, books, and world I create through my writing, I can say I have gained so much from things people don’t consider real. But what if…all the worlds you jump into are just parallel worlds which other people or you yourself have visited or lived in during a past life? Anyway.. I shall end my ramblings with a poem to Artemis.

Dear Artemis

Thank you for your grounded hope

and the desire to roam the wood

for you handing me a strong rope

by telling me I can have something good


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