The Phantom of the Opera

This is also a musical which I enjoy. It is, in case you do not already know, about a chorus girl who has an angel of music as her tutor. This “angel” is really the phantom who plagues the opera house he haunts. The phantom is obsessed with Christine and will do anything to have her which includes murder. Christine, to much grief of the phantom, falls in love with Raoul. This lead the Phantom to try to steal her away into his dark world. I love this musical purely because the music is so beautiful and the original Christine, Sarah Brightman, has a fantastic voice. The story is also quite interesting and full of passion. It displays both the dark and light side of passion and how powerful passion makes a person. Of course, it also delves into the supernatural. The Phantom is a dark but romantic figure. He is both aggressive and sad. He worries over the physical image of his face but Christine sees through this to his true character. My favorite line from the musical is what Christine says to the Phantom; “It’s in your soul where the true distortion lies”. This musical was also turned into a movie which I have not seen yet but I have watched a bunch of clips of it. I really want to see the play at some point in my life.


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