Keeping Pests From the Garden

I recently got a bunch of plants and flowers to plant in the garden and in pots. My mother and I were discussing how the deer love eating her hostas and it seems the poor plants seem to be decimated every year. I told her I would look online for some homemade deer and bug repellent recipes. I found some very interesting information on deterring these animals and thought I might as well share it with any fellow gardeners who follow me. eartheasy and had a wealth of information on the matter. My mother and I are going to try the recipe with Tabasco sauce and garlic to help keep the deer from eating the plants. I hope it works. We got a cucumber  and tomato plant as well which I am thinking about putting in the garden so I might put this solution on those as well once they are in the ground. Right now we are getting a bit of rain which is watering the plants pretty thoroughly.

Here’s a picture of the plants and flowers we got today:



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