All Planted and Done with Kindle Cover

I finished planting all the flowers and the cucumber and tomato plants. I also managed to finish with my Kindle cover. Everything is looking really good and I am quite content with having finish a few projects. My next project will probably be crocheting a make-up bag for myself. But before that I want to make some decorations for my Kindle cover. I’m thinking of starting with some flowers for the spring and summer but then also making some for the holidays (Pagan and Not-Pagan).

Kindle Cover Pattern

Chain 25 sts. across

DC across until long enough to cover width of Kindle while open and make a flap for both sides. Tie off.

Sow up flap on left side (top and bottom). Tie off.

Then chain 22 sts.

DC two rows across. Tie off leaving a long enough string to sew this piece onto the bottom and/or top of the right. If you want to put a piece on both the top and bottom make sure you make two.

Turn entire piece inside out and place Kindle inside cover.

I found that when I was closing the kindle with the flap on the left (as shown), it was not allowing the Kindle to lock and sleep as it usually does. I decided to take the flap off and close the kindle without the flap on and then cover the entire kindle with the flap. This also meant I didn’t need to put a button and string as a closure for the cover like I was planning to.

If any of you have a question about this pattern then comment and I will answer the best I can. I might even make a video if needed since it is easier to show then tell.

IMG_0414 IMG_0415 IMG_0416 IMG_0417 IMG_0418 IMG_0419


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