Plant Protection

I woke up this morning and went to my window. To my surprise, I saw a deer eating plants in the yard. I then saw that there were two. I then went to my other window to make sure that the deer didn’t eat the Hostas. I decided that today was the day to try the Tabasco sauce, garlic, and eggs recipe I saw on the internet which claims to deter deer from eating plants. I got the ingredients out and a blender. I put all of it in and blended it up and poured it into a gallon of water. Out of curiosity, I put my nose to the blender and the substance smelled completely disgusting. I’m pretty sure if I inhaled the smell would have stung my nose. Anyway.. I poured the substance over the Hostas and proceeded to wash out the blender and container in which I mixed the vile substance into water. I hope it keeps anything from eating them.



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