Outfit for Today!

Today I decided to go with the rainy weather and spring going into summer time atmosphere and wear a navy blue colored top with light blue flowers on it. Over it I have my gray vest which I absolutely adore. I love Steampunk and this is my modern day steampunk style outfit. I know those things seem contradictory but that’s the feel I get from it. I usually wear a necklace with keys or a necklace with a watch with it but didn’t want to deal with jewelry in my travels. Anyway.. Are any of you into Steampunk? Do you ever dress toward a theme or to the weather or season?



2 comments on “Outfit for Today!

  1. Ricardo Avila says:

    I love everything steampunk! Books, clothing, music (Although steampunk music isn’t properly defined as a genre…)
    One of my pastimes is going to little vintage stores downtown and looking for old rusty gadgets to buy. I also like collecting little scrap pieces of metal and making them into steampunk-style jewelry.

    • Megan says:

      I do too! I also like making jewelry and should really look for more odd objects here and there to help me make some steampunk stuff. A lot of my friends are really into it and am jealous of the things they have.

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