Weekend Vacation

Going up to Maine for a bit of a weekend vacation. I actually am going to be hanging around the resort while my parents are at a wedding.  Today was a good start to preparing to vacation. My mom and I got pedicures. The women really made us comfortable in these awesome massage chairs and it was nice chatting with them. I decided to choose a bright summer color for my toes.



For dinner, we ordered take-out Indian food. Yum! I decided to whip up a bit of a cool fruity drink to go along with the spicy dinner we had. I hope you enjoy the recipe as much as we did. What I love about this recipe I made (with inspiration from a cooking show I was watching) is that it is so easily adapted to include all sorts of interesting flavors.

Fruit Tea Frozen Drink

2 cups iced tea (I used black but you could use green, white, jasmine or another tea flavor)

entire tray of frozen tea ice cubes

1 mango cut up into chunks

strawberries cut up

Blend all ingredients into a texture you desire. The fruit can be replaced with any other fruit (peaches, blueberries, grapefruit, ect.) Alcohol can also be added if desired.

Why not combine rose tea, green tea, strawberries, and white wine for a beverage meant to draw love between the people sharing a drink together?

Or if you are more of a spice lover like I am, you can put vanilla chai tea into the blend with milk and honey. I’m sure even kids would like that!


Anyway.. I am almost all packed up. I just need to put in bath and body needs and I’m ready to go. I haven’t told our cat that we are leaving yet so she is completely in the dark. Hopefully our cat doesn’t resent us when we come back but we’ll see.

IMG_0450 IMG_0443 IMG_0441


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