No Place like Home

I’m home again and very tired from the day. We went to my aunt’s barbecue while on our way back. I did a lot of chasing around of babies and a silly six year old. It’s great to see family and it seems like everyone is so happy. It really makes me glad considering the hard times we all have had to face in the past. But at the same time… I wonder how long it will last. For some reason I always get suspicious and worried when things are going well. It’s like it’s too good to last long or something. But anyway.. Not much more to report. I don’t have any pictures from the day because I was quite busy and most of it was on the road anyway.

In the Moment

Look at all of you.

You have faced the storms and bitter cold

and come out only stronger than ever.

I drink in this moment.

Hoping it will last a lifetime.

But life is not just  a string

of happy moments

there are accidents

and upheavals

words said yourself

all alone you could never say to anyone

faces hiding emotion

faces open and hopin’

lives entwining and unraveling at the same time

the past weighs, the future lurks

and the present is some twilight or daybreak in between

whether things will come to an end in the dark

or whether they are just beginning is yet to be seen

but I guess we are all going to be submerged into darkness in the end

But today is today.

The present is as sweet as the treats laid on the tables.

We are kids again letting go of the scrape

we got when we fell off our bike

and not giving a look or thought toward tomorrow



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