Queen of the Rock

I raked out the front garden today and also cut and cleared vines off of a large rock in the front. It’s nice to be able to see the rock again after so long. It’s weird how I have such an affinity for nature and love for it. It is such a deep connection. Nature is my friend. And although the vines are a part of nature, they are an invasive species which should not be here. I am thinking that I will start writing some poems about random chores and stuff I do.

Queen of the Rock

Today I declared myself

a queen of a rock

a rather large rock

I exposed and saved him

from your tangled grasp

He is my rock now

and I shall not abuse him

but work with him to keep

my balance

my stability

or as natures table for plants or herbs

or an altar of sorts

He will be a companion and a friend

and not hidden from view

Oh, yes, I’m sorry my dear

but he is much better off with me

than he was with you.

IMG_0531 IMG_0532




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