Cleansing & Healing

In Wicca there is a lot of focus on cleansing away negative energy. If you ever feel yourself becoming bogged down with thoughts and problems of the past or the future, it is time to break out this spell/meditation to do. Healing, to me at least, in inseparable from cleansing. If you are cleansing yourself of unnecessary problems and energies then you are also helping heal yourself. The best way I can describe it is you have wounds on your heart and soul. You cleanse your wounds with water and alcohol which helps it heal because you are keeping it from getting infected. How many times you would like to cleanse and heal yourself depends on you. Some people may want to do a short meditation and visualization every day to get rid of stress. Some may want to do this every week or ever month. No matter how much or how little you do this, it can only help.

If it is nice outside then go for a walk or drive to a place where this is water. If it is rainy use the energy of the rainy day for the spell. If you live in an area with a more dry climate and don’t have access to any nature made form of water, then just pour some water into a bowl or use a picture of water with which to meditate.

If you wish you can make yourself some tea to sip during this time of yours:

Cleansing Tea

1/2 cup Green Tea Leaves

1/4 cup Jasmine Flowers

1/4 Mint or Spearmint Leaves

(Depending on the potency you want you can use dried or fresh. Dried will give a more subtle tea while fresh with give a big punch of flavor.)

Now for the spell


  • Bowl of water (even if you are going outside)
  • A Piece of Paper which can fit into the bowl
  • A permanent marker (preferably a bright happy color: pink, yellow, light green, light blue)
  • A pen or pencil
  • A bottle of food coloring (I chose dark blue for the color)
  • Small bowl for food coloring

Take your supplies to a quiet comfortable place where you can sit for a long time. If you have access to a bath tub where you can relax that is a fantastic place to do this spell. Take you bowl of water and set it down in front of you.

May the power of water be me in all I do

No the matter the storms that pass through

May it cleanse me

and heal me

with its purity

Then take a moment to think about all the negative emotions you have been feeling lately. Are you stressed out about work you have to get done? Is there something from your past which you are trying to let go? Do you hold feelings of regret? Focus in on each stressor in your life. Now take the food coloring and put it into the small bowl. Take the pen or pencil and dip it into the food coloring. Lightly to draw and write down each stressor you have. You can also write down general words which describe how you feel. Note: I say lightly because you want only the food coloring on the paper and not ink or lead. Then take the permanent marker and write down how you want to feel or something you need which is missing. Do you need freedom? Do you need love? Do you need friendship? Security? Much of the time what we feel is negative reflects something missing in our life. Now take the paper and put it in the bowl of water. Watch as the negative words start to fade away and the positive word stay in place. Often we feel as if our problems are permanent and can not possibly be overcome but they too shall pass. This is the way of the world that the positive energy stays with us and the negative fades. We heal our wounds and though the scars still remain, they are only a dim recollection of the pain which was there before.

Note: You may need to rub the paper for the food coloring to come out but don’t worry; sometimes it takes a little rubbing and work to heal a wound and stop its inflammation.

Now say this chant:

Pain be gone.

Pain away.

I will not have

pain today.

Spirits surround me

with nature’s light.

Happiness in within sight.

Visualization & Meditation: 

Get yourself into a comfortable position. Now close your eyes and let your mind clear. Focus in on your breathing. Bring in for three counts and breath out for three. Imagine that the breath out is the negative energy leaving your body and that the breath in is the positive energy being brought into your body. Visualize a light surrounding you like a warm fuzzy blanket. This light will help shield you from future negative energies so you can move through difficulties more easily. You can stay in this state for as long as you wish but I would say a good half hour to an hour will allow you to reap the full benefits.



2 comments on “Cleansing & Healing

  1. Cathy Laws says:

    saved this link to my favorites, i want to try this tea! unfamiliar with wiccan rituals but i try to practice balancing my chakras daily and working with ayurveda as well. ……just wanted to thank you for liking my german chocolate cake post which ultimately led me to your site. happy hump day!

    • Megan says:

      Awesome! I think flowery teas and mint somehow make a nice pairing. I too like working with my chakras and the meditation I talked about is very good for that. I love the recipes you post. I need to try that cake recipe at some point.

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