Faery Milk & Sleep

I’m not sure when I came across this recipe or from where but it has become a major part of my life. It somehow connects me to childhood and simple pleasures. I know if I ever have kids or a kid some day I will have them/him or her sipping on this yummy drink. I always think it’s a good drink for bed time as well.

As for the term Faery I used, this is something so sweet and delicate I would think little pixies would sip on it. I do believe in fae or faeries, which I use as a general term for magical beings, and another magical realm which parallels this one. The light filters different there like in a dream and time moves slower. There is lore that in spring, if you stand in a faery ring (where fae have danced around in a circle often leaving mushrooms growing), then they will be transported to the fae realm. I love lore like this and although I think it may be a bit more difficult to actually travel to such a place, it is a nice thought. There is also lore that the fae can be seen when in a sleepy state when your energy is more open to them which is why this brew is so properly named.

Anyway..to the recipe!

Faery Milk

  • A Cup of warm milk (can heat over stove or microwave)
  • Honey to taste
  • 1 teaspoon Vanilla extract
  • A dash of cinnamon (just because I like it but you can leave it out)

I have also done some variations of this drink to help me sleep. For instance, you can steep chamomile and/or lavender for tea and add the above ingredients to it. You can even add Valerian to the mix to give an extra sleep-inducing power to the brew. Why not blend all of these dry ingredients to make your own tea bags?

Another aid in sleep are sleep pillows or sacks which can be put under your pillow. These can be filled with a number of things: stones, herbs, spices, ect.

Sleep Sack/Pillow

  • amethyst- often used in mediation and sleep
  • milkweed silk- from the pods of milkweed and has a fluffy and soft texture
  • mugwort- known for bring on prophetic dreams
  • chamomile and/0r lavender- the scents are both soothing



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