Wire Work

Up in Boothbay Harbor, Maine, there was a lovely craft shop. In it there were the little copper wire trees wrapped around stones. I thought how cool they were and thought of buying one. But I held off wondering if I could make one of my own. I knew I had copper wire stored up in my craft box and I have jewelry making stuff as well. So when I got home, I set to and started playing with the wire I have. I first started by twisting the wire around the quart crystal formation I have and cutting wire strips of similar lengths to the wire sticking straight up from the crystal. Then I wrapped each of the strips ends around the wire on the crystal and twisted them together to form a tree trunk. I didn’t use enough strips and the trunk looked more like a stem so I decided to make it into a flower by bending the wire ends into petals. I worked of wrapping wire around a piece of from what I can tell in chalk. It is pendant shaped already so I thought it would look good.



Spirituality Behind Crystals and Metal

Crystals and metal have many magical and healing properties. I have always been fascinated by crystals and metal. I used to collect rocks when I was a kid on nature walks, wash them off, and put them in a metal tin.

I furthered my knowledge on the subject when I got the book (pictured below) The Essential Crystal Handbook: All The Crystals You Will Ever Need For Health, Healing, & Happiness by Simon and Sue Lilly.



Magic: helps with conflict resolution and gives positive outcomes to situations. It leaves you will emotional harmony after stressful times.

Healing: helps reduce inflammation, releases emotional frustration and tension, and brain function.


Magic: Used a lot in magic for its cleansing and purifying purposes. One of the best ways to cleanse yourself of negative energy is too hold a quartz and visualize it absorbing negative energy (often visualized as a dark cloud of murky green or blue). Then the crystal is usually buried in the ground to let nature cleanse the negative energy out of it so it can be used again. It is also used in divination work of all types. There are even clear quartz balls which are used in scrying.

Healing: Helps strengthen and empower the aura, Releases mental and emotional blockages, Increases mental faculties, good for bring peace to meditation and visualization.


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