Ohio Trip!

I’m going to Ohio this week with my Aunt K. She does agility with her dogs M. and O and this will be M’s last time at the Dog Agility Nationals because she is getting older. I have never been to Ohio so this should be an interesting trip. I have heard Ohio is just a lot of farms and some people may say that means there is nothing there to do. But I think even if there is a bunch of farm country, it is still worth seeing. I especially hope to catch some nice photographs to share with all of you. The plan is to go down to my aunt’s house first and I’ll vacuum out her car and take care of some of her plants. Lately a bear has been coming around her property so I hope I don’t encounter it at all. Anyway.. For now I am packing up all my stuff and crossing as much stuff I need off my list. Since there wiil be craft things there where the agility is going to be done, we will probably be looking at some of that. 

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