Ghost Gown

If you have noticed lately I have been posting more of my poems. Some are new and some are old. I hope to try to keep this blog balance and discuss more of my day on here as well an incorporating recipes and other things on here for all of you to try. I’ll be honest that I am posting poems because I haven’t been doing much but preparing to travel and traveling. I’ve made a post a day and hope to keep my record so to speak but also won’t put too much pressure on myself. Anyway.. I was perusing all the poems I have written and came across this one. It then reminded me of that great movie Corpse Bride so I including my favorite part from it here.

Ghost Gown

My heart is broken
I try in vain
to heal this pain
Suddenly I’m in a wedding gown; lovely but plain
and this song plays a refrain
until I realize I’ve gone insane
Pain Pain
What a refrain
leaves my gown with a red stain


2 comments on “Ghost Gown

  1. Nathan says:

    “Corpse Bride” is by far my favorite film by Tim Burton. So good.

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