Agility Dogs and Owners

I don’t have any pictures to share (sorry) from today since it was raining so the pictures I could have taken wouldn’t have been very good and I was quite busy. Also there wasn’t much to take a picture of in the first place. There was a lot going on but nothing lovely besides some very nice glass jewelry. Dogs in harnesses and there owners clad in sweatshirts and rain coats were everywhere. I’ll be honest that these are not exactly my people. I love dogs (and cats and all animals really) but they are obsessed with dogs. They spent a good amount of money on their pets whom are like there children. You have to admire that amount of dedication but also wonder if they have lost sight of themselves along the way? But I suppose they do this because they enjoy it so in a sense they are taking care of themselves as well as their pets. I just could never see my whole life being about dogs, dogs, and oh yeah more dogs. All the vendors there who had anything had sweaters, t-shirts, and other things relating to dogs and I realize that the whole event is about dogs but could you imagine being so into dogs that you would want to wear them on you for your normal daily clothing? Anyway.. I generally had an okay day. I’m still pretty tired and couldn’t shake being tired all day. But I did get to see some very pretty and cute dogs. My families dog died last year and it still hurts to see other dogs and it makes me want my dog alive and well. I miss him a bunch. I hopefully will have pictures for you tomorrow but for now I will rest and hope for a better day tomorrow.


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