The Brothers Grimm Fairytales

I just finished reading these and have to say they are very interesting. There are so much darker and bloodier than the stories of Disney and others we know today. But these stories always have a hidden morale to them which was important in the time they were written. I also realized that the Disney movie Tangled actually matched the original story of Rapuzel quite well. The child was stolen away, kept until adulthood, only to fall in love with a young man who eventually experience misfortune at the hands of the “mother”. The only difference in that the guy got blinded instead of stabbed and Rapuzel got taken to a desert by her “mother”. But she still cried healing tears to fix the guy she loved and she still had long hair. Of course, the was no humour to the Grimm tale but it still was amazingly similar. Cinderella was generally the same too but there is one gory detail missing from the Disney version. One stepsister cut of her big toe to fit into the shoe and the other cut off part of her heel. Ouch! Anyway.. I digress. Overall I am glad I read such a classic work.

cinderella rapuzel



2 comments on “The Brothers Grimm Fairytales

  1. This I might have to go read these now.

    • Megan says:

      I would just for the sake of having a classic under your belt but then again I’m an English major so I love reading just about anything. They are truly interesting. I would love to know more history behind the Grimm Brothers. I can’t help but wonder if they had difficult childhoods or problems with a step-parent or something else which could be why they wrote what they did.

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