All I Want is One

All I Want is One

I have been one for too long.
One with my soul.
One with the universe.
One of a group of friends.

At the end of the day,
I am one.

He somehow wove himself
into my oneness
yet left me lonely.
And so the omega
gets lost in the pack.
Afraid of being left behind.

I know I’m vulnerable.
He taught me that.
And though I love
my pack
and know they
will protect me,
they can only give me so much.

What I really desire
is a mate for life.
Not someone who will
leave me
and is a bad fit for my

And would it be foolish
to want someone
who would die
on the same day as you
simply because they
will not
leave you behind?


2 comments on “All I Want is One

  1. This is amazing! You deserve that someone…

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