Music Monday: Agnes Obel

On my way back to Connecticut today during a 13 1/2 hour drive, I was listening to Agnes Obel to try to calm down while simultaneously dealing with pouring rain and two wet dogs trying to make their way up front to say “hi” to their mom (my aunt). I’ll admit it. This trip was not fun. It was okay but dog agility is my aunts thing and it just made me miss my recently (okay my family dog died last year but it feels recent) deceased dog. I just want to be home but that won’t be until wednesday. Anyway..I’m sorry I’m complaining and not just showing you wonderful music but I need to let this out. I’m also breaking my personal rule of not complaining on here and spreading negative energy. Oops. Also..who wants to read how bad someone’s day or week has been anyway? At this point I give you permission to stop reading and skip to the good music if you want to avoid my moodiness.

But..I did get time to wonder about some things. For instance, I was eating cherries and realized that the quintessential “cherry” red color we have grown up with is actually not the color cherries possess. They are indeed a deeper darker red. My poetical mind now realizes this could be a metaphor about how reality when you are finally an adult is much darker and tarter than the bright what I would call now “firetruck” or “barn” red you assumed blindly was “cherry”. However, It was just another random thought among more random thought which I can’t remember now.

I can say I learned something from the trip.

1) Don’t assume anything

I will elaborate. Like the cherry, I went into the trip assuming I would have a good time somehow. I mean, after-all, I was stepping out of my house and going to a place I have never been before. But what I really got out of this trip was that I learned something and that I never want to spend an entire day traveling in a car ever again. I also realized that agility dog owners are a little crazy and I most likely with never become a dog agility enthusiast. But then again, everything I just said is an assumption and I’m trying to avoid those.

2) Don’t do anything you don’t want to do

I’ll be honest with you. I only went on this trip because I am desperate to travel and get out of the house. Now I realize I love being at home. The food I like is there, my crafts, my plants, my family’s cat, and basically anything I would need to entertain myself. I’m sure I sound like Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz right now. I also only went on the trip because my aunt really wanted me to go once I said I might go and the thought of not going and disappointing her was too much. So..Do yourself a favor next time you find yourself about to do something you really do not want to do. STOP. Ask yourself “Do I really want to do this?” and then proceed as you may.

Anyway.. this is music Monday and not Megan gets to rant and ramble about stuff Monday. Now that I think of it, I could change it to Megan Monday but that seems a bit narcissistic. No. Music Monday is more manageable.

Here is “Close Watch” by Agnes Obel:


4 comments on “Music Monday: Agnes Obel

  1. Beautiful music!
    I give a vote that if inclined Megan Monday is fine. This is my first reading of your posts or blog but have to say you seem to show through your writing and I like Megan.
    I too understand doing things in order to simply not disappoint and rarely have I enjoyed them.
    Great post and glad to have found your blog!
    -Brooke’s Sister

    • Megan says:

      Thank you so much. I am trying to gain more of a voice while I write. I’m glad you are enjoying my blog and don’t worry I’m usually much more positive about stuff.

  2. Ricardo Avila says:

    Things suck sometimes, but even then, there is always something you can get out of an experience. Even an empty glass is full of air. Learning that cherries are not as red as you imagined is a worthwhile lesson.
    By the way, I need to thank you; I’d never heard this artist before, and from the first listen, I already love her music.

    • Megan says:

      Yeah. Life isn’t fun sometimes but I think that’s the point of life. It won’t be fun sometimes but those are the moments we learn from. You are very welcome about the music. That is why I started doing the Music Monday thing. I love her music and I actually heard this song on a tv show I watch called “Lost Girl” and that is how I discovered her.

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