Apricots: did you know that…

I’m reblogging this for a certain follower I know has apricot trees. 🙂

X-ways series

  • the seeds inside the kernels of apricots can protect you from cancer?
  • they contain high levels of vitamin B17 which is described as an immune system booster.
  • vitaminB17orLeatrili was discovered byErnst Krebsand is probably thestrongestanti-cancersubstance.
  • toChounza, thelongest livingpeoplein the worldwho livein Pakistanandcall themselvesdescendantsof the soldiersof Alexander the Great, cancer iscompletelyunknown.
  • Scientists fromMemorialstudied thenutritionof Chounza. They foundthat theChounza peopleeat lots ofapricots and also the inside of the kernelsof apricots.
  • Whena WesterndoctorvisitedChounza, apricots were offered to him. TheChounzamade​​agrimaceof disgustwhen they saw him spitthe best part: the kernels.

Caution: Try eating 1-2 of them daily to keep yourself healthy. Avoid to consume more than…

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