Music Monday: Amber by 311

I know I usually feature artists I like completely and know more about but I only know this one song by this artist. I like this song for the summer days when its warm or hot (rainy or not). It just has that tropical sound to it which is nice for the season. Enjoy.

This song was featured in the movies 50 First Dates and Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Both are very good movies and especially for the summer since both are set in tropical locations. The first movie is  a romantic comedy about a guy named Henry Roth, Adam Sandler, who falls for a woman named Lucy, Drew Barrymore, who has memory loss after a car accident. He has to make her fall in love with him everyday and learns to work with this unique relationship. The second movie is about a guy named Peter, Jason Segel, who takes a trip to Hawaii to get over his ex only to find she is there with her new rebound boyfriend. Peter eventually meets Rachel, Mila Kunis, and slowly but surely falls in love with her.



2 comments on “Music Monday: Amber by 311

  1. grimmreport says:

    This song has a bit of nostalgic value for me. My roommate in college was a HUGE 311 fan.

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