Being “Sensitive”

I’m unsure of how you guys may react to this but I consider myself to be a bit “sensitive” in many ways. I am an emotional person who understands others emotions. I am also what you might call a person in tune with higher energies. I believe energy is swirling around us constantly but did you know they come in colors? I do a lot of work with auras and chakras. Chakras are energy centers in the body and are connected with different colors and meanings (see pictures below which are not mine). Auras are energy fields around the body and come in layers and have colors and meanings as well. Often if a chakra is imbalanced or block it will show up in the aura. The aura interacts with your environment and other people. Why do you think hugging is such a great feeling? You are sharing energetic information with another person. I do a lot of work with this and I can see aura colors a bit but only in a dark room or white background. Sometimes my teachers would be talking away right in front of the whiteboard and all of a sudden I would see a cloud of colors around them and be surprised that without getting myself in tune or ready I could see it but it is because of the background they were against. I’m trying to do yoga more often now and I felt like sharing this information for anyone interested. Yoga really helped me open up today to one of my plants, a little rubber tree, I am concerned is going to die soon. It has one little withering leaf left on it. I transplanted it and right after I suddenly felt a large amount of energy flowing through me. I wonder if any faeries were around and decided to try to help the plant through me? I believe in faeries as well. Have I told you yet? Anyway.. I hope you all don’t think I’m incredibly weird after this post but I felt like sharing.

I hope you can make use of these pictures or at least find them interesting.


Chakras Meaning





4 comments on “Being “Sensitive”

  1. Thank you for sharing this. I was unfamiliar with Chakras. This is interesting.

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