Buttons, Buttons, Buttons!

I have gotten a lot of inspiration as of late about buttons. Buttons can going on just about anything and everything and make it have a homemade touch.

First I will go over what I bought yesterday at a consignment shop downtown called “Chic Consignment”. The shop really live up to its name and has fantastic looking clothes for a cost within my price range. I’m planning on taking my sister there because I’m pretty sure she’d be in clothing nirvana. I got a navy blue hat with a white stripe in it, a purple top with adjustable straps due to buttons attached, and a pair of sandals which have silver and gold buttons and doo-dads on it. Since two of these items have buttons you can see why I have turned my attention toward them.




I also forgot to mention that when I was in Ohio I got the chance to talk with a woman who made glass pendants and necklaces. She was very nice and we have a fantastic conversation about color and what was our favorite color and what colors we liked together. It was so nice to talk to a fellow creative person. I, of course, had to buy two of her gorgeous pendants. By the way…bluish purple or indigo is my favorite color but I find it so difficult to choose. I love them all really.


Here is my outfit for today. I think this is a very light yet earthy outfit. It has a spring time type of feel actually but works for the summer too. That green is one of my favorite colors.


The following jewelry I made today. Please give me your opinion on what you think of these pieces. I’d really love to know since my hobbies might be profitable some day but I’m definitely not going to sell anything soon.


I call this one “Ballet Dancer”

(Yes I’m naming my jewelry now. Yes. I realize this is odd.)


“Earthy Heart”


Top Left: “Firefly Lights”

Top Right: “Beaded Beach Lady”

Bottom Left: “Emerald City”

Bottom Right: “Tidal Moon”



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