Is There Magick in the Stitch?

This is such a fantastic article by Silver Ravenwolf.

Silver RavenWolf

Is There Magick in that Stitch?
by Silver RavenWolf

The needle is a little wand, directing the energy into the fabric.  A mini bolt of lightning, it dives into the cloth, then emerges to the heavens, capturing the energy you put into it as it swiftly returns, punctures the fabric, and grabs earth energy before it rises again.  With each stitch a thought coupled with an emotion is born.  The finished product is a sealed testament — a pattern of energy massaged, combined, blended and set forth by the stitcher.

I often surf through the products on Etsy simply to enjoy the immense creativity of the Pagan community.  Magickal stitchers abound with colorful quilts, detailed scarves, gloves, and hats, amazing table runners, flowing clothing,  fluffy pillows…the list is almost endless — their creativity has no bounds — their work a succulent candy to the eye, their innovation a balm to the soul.

Beauty. …

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