I would like to share a philosophy which I have. I often see the universe in terms of balance. When spells don’t work and I feel I have done everything to make them work (including all of the practical things), I often wonder why they have not worked. Doubt about magic and the spell working is sometimes the case but I always believed full heartily.

A long time ago I was wondering this and a thought popped into my head. Well, it is quite selfish to be asking for these things I want to happen to just happen. In fact that has been the only conflict I have ever had with my religion. Sometimes it is not as powerful as you wish it to be and at the same time many spells are about getting something. I then thought perhaps the reason spells don’t work is because we have not given nature and other people enough to GET what we really want. This makes sense. There needs to be a universal balance.

At the same fold I also feel there is more to this universal balance. For instance can the earthly really survive without the divine? Can change exist without stability? Magic has never been earthly in the first place. Energy can do anything in the right hands but at the same time can only affect so much physically.

The physical is about action and change. So what are the right circumstances for magic helping solve or create a situation in the physical plane? One thing that must be done is that the spellcaster has to put their ideas into motion. They must try to achieve their goal with more than magic. Then magic can help remove roadblocks and provide more energy for success.

At the same time we also must accept that what we want might not be what we need. What we need will be given to us and is what is best for us. Wicca is not about what you get from magic but learning that magic is everywhere. It is learning that performing magic can be a chance to give. Magic is about becoming aware of energies around us and learning that we can help change the world on a physical and spiritual level.


One comment on “Balance

  1. This is great. Prior to reading this I knew little if anything about Wicca. Thank you for sharing this. I respect your beliefs and enjoyed reading this and learning.
    Great post.

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