Enchanted Love

In this post I will share two love potions I have created, a chant, and a few poems. These potions are strictly for attracting love to you and not for trying to control how a person feels. My personal belief is that love can not be controlled or else it will turn sour and/or die out. I hope this reminds you that love is a magic of its own which binds us together and makes life worth living.

Love Potion

Red wine (or apple cider for people who are underage)
crushed coriander (potent spice so don’t put too much in.)
chamomile tea
teaspoon cinnamon
teaspoon vanilla extract

Love Tea (for a more subtle taste)

Raspberry tea packet (use regular green tea if you don’t have this)
squirt of lemon
dried rose petals (can dry roses on low oven setting for 10 min.)
honey to taste

Note: It’s okay to revise recipes to leave out some ingredients. What is important is intent and visualization. If you are true about what you want and imagine how it would happen then it makes the spell more powerful. It doesn’t matter if you are even just putting this out to the universe if you do these two things.)

Here’s a chant to go with these potions:

True love come to me
By the power of apple tree
By the power of 3 times 3
Hear my plea
So mote it be

Now for my poems about love:

Glowing Heart

my heart glows.
my eyes shine.
wish you were mine.

my cheeks flush.
my blood flows.
hope nothing shows.

my soul ignites.
what a rush.
is it just a crush?


Rose Vine

enclosed around the tree
tightly and warmly clinging
bright red blooms springing
climbing through the air and to the sun
sun being a mystical source of life


Rose Water

sweet nectar sleeping on my lips
a pure sun kiss on the moon
bliss that binds us all
something to be awakened soon



8 comments on “Enchanted Love

  1. This may come across as strange. I don’t expect anything to come from it and really am not even sure why I am telling you this but I am going to anyhow. Please don’t think I’m weird or avoid me. I know a guy that would love you! And for some reason I’m sure you would love him. It’s strange I can’t explain how I know but I’m certain. You live far apart and I’m not a match maker but still want you to know there is a wonderful guy who deserves an incredible girl like you.
    Also I like your spell posts, thank you for sharing them.

    • Megan says:

      That’s not strange at all. It’s easy to see compatibility in people sometimes. What is unfortunate is that people who would be totally compatible often times don’t ever meet because of distance.I think that’s why online dating sites have become so popular. I’m glad you like my posts. I will be posting more shortly.

      • I’m glad you don’t find it strange. On the surface you and him don’t seem anything alike at all. But without a doubt I’m certain you would be at least really good friends. You’d like him (everyone does) but I can’t be sure you’d love him. He however would fall madly in love with you. I just know it. It makes me sad that there is physical distance between you two, I feel weird saying that. I can’t explain why but it’s a subject that almost leads to crying.
        Thank you for not thinking I’m crazy. Also I’m not the type to say hey they should date. I’ll leave you alone about this subject, just felt I had to say it all.
        Can’t wait to read more posts soon! Thank you again for being nice

      • Megan says:

        No problem. You never know where life takes you so we may meet some day. I took a Tai Chi class a while ago and my teacher would talk about this Tai Chi Master from China who traveled around his country and met an American woman who traveled there. They fell in love and now are married and live in the U.S. Never say never isn’t a saying for nothing. But I also realize for the most part people tend to stay in the same place which is fine but limiting. Your intuition may be right and may be telling you that you needed to tell me to learn some sort of lesson or have me learn a lesson. Life is funny that way.

      • That’s true, I hadn’t thought about that. By that I mean something relating to me or maybe we in a way are closer because of it. Either way it’s good to be open, especially since you are open and receptive.
        I love that about the Tia Chi master. So there is still hope for you two. I’m crossing my fingers.
        In your writing and from our short communication I want you to know you help me think and be a better person, in a mentoring way. Thank you for that. Your insight and knowledge is valuable.

      • Megan says:

        Haha. Thanks. I don’t really see myself as a mentor. But I guess I should since I want to be a teacher. I’m glad I have helped you on your path in life. A lot of time you feel alone on it and I know what that’s like so don’t be afraid to ask questions. I actually kind of want to make a FAQ page about each of my categories on here.

      • Thank you and you’ll make a great teacher if that’s where you decide to go.

      • Megan says:

        Thanks. That means a lot.

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