Herbal Hair Rinses

I have often used many different recipes for herbal hair rinses. There are many different herbal treatments for different hair types. My hair was feeling especially oily yesterday and I created a tincture which did an amazing job. My hair felt soft, smelled good, and was not oily anymore.

Here is the recipe:

a handful strawberry leaves (good for getting oil out)
a handful mint leaves (good for getting volume)
some lemon juice (puts hightlights in light hair. This can be left out if you don’t have light hair.)
some apple cider vinegar (gets oil and other chemicals out)
pour boling water over herbs and cover. Let it sit for more than 20 minutes. Use after it has cooled enough by pouring it over your hair or sumerging your hair in it.

Hair types and list of herbs which work well for them

Normal: rosemary, thyme, blackberry leaf, lavender, mint, elderberries, vinegar.

Dry: borax, chamomile oil, cider vinegar.

Oily: strawberry leaves, mint leaves, rosemary leaves, lemon.

Itchy/dandruff: catnip, nettle tops, birch leaves, cider vinegar, chamomile oil.

Brunettes/dark hair: sage, cinnamon, coffee, nettle.

Blonde: chamomile, rubarb, lemon, caledula petals.

Red: Hibiscus, red wine, water used to boil beets.

If you want to learn more about this Click Here and Here.


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