Wheel of the Year Magnet

Here’s a fun craft to try. It’s called a Wheel of the Year and shows all the holidays wiccans celebrate called Sabbats.

Here’s a list of the holidays, their dates, and what is celebrated during them. I hope this helps someone who wants to know.

Samhain (Halloween)(October 31st): This is the witches new year. It is a time to honor those loved ones who have died and crossed over. Spirits fill the air during the night and our power in at its height. The veils between worlds are thin and therefore we have a better connection with different realms of existence.

Yule (December 21-23): This is the Winter Solstice. Being the longest night of the year, it is when the moon is in full power. We come together to celebrate the sun awakening and being reborn.

Imbolc or Candlemas (February 2nd): Life is just starting to wake up again. Seeds and newborn animals are blessed in preparation for spring.

Ostara (March 19-22): This is the Spring Equinox. We celebrate the earth awakening and seeds being planted. It is a celebration of the balance between the moon and the sun. Eggs are often used represent fertility.

Beltane (May 1st): This is a day celebrating fertility and abundance within life. It is usually celebrated with the maypole dancing and leaping over a ritual fire. Life in growing and in full force.

Litha (June 19-23): This is Midsummer. It is the longest day and shortest night of the year and therefore the time when the sun in the strongest. The “death” of the sun is celebrated at sunset with a fire because the rest of the year is mainly composed of nights being longer than days. This time is often connected with seeing faeries.

Lammas (August 2nd): This is the time of the first harvest of the season. It is the time for gathering food for winter. Bread is the main part of the meal to celebrate a healthy harvest of wheat.

Mabon (September 21-23): Day and night are again in balance and the final harvest is celebrated. Resting, feasting, and general making merry is all part of the fun. We again prepare for winter.

Here’s what you’ll need:

Paper Plate
Paper (colored or not)
Two Magnets
Something to write with
Anything you want to decorate with

Take your paper plate and cut out the inside circle so there isn’t a wavy part. Then take your writing instrument of choice and write the names of the Sabbats in order all around the outside. Decorate your plate with anything you feel fits with each season and holiday. Take your glue and glue one magnet to the center of the back of the plate. Cut out an arrow using the separate sheet of paper and attach this to the other magnet using glue. Let everything dry overnight and you have your own personal wheel of the year! You can use the arrow to point to the next holiday coming up or the holiday which you are currently celebrating.

Wheel of Year


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