Yoga, Meditation, Sleep, & Energy

This post may be a little short today and for that I am sorry. I woke up earlier than I normally do and am pretty tired. I woke up and did my yoga routine. I first got introduced to yoga in a class I took in high school but now I  have started to watch a yoga program called Yoga Sutra Now on the channel Veria. The channel is all about natural health and wellness. What I like about the show is that it is the traditional poses I remember doing and that at the end the host talks with someone from the yoga world so they can share their knowledge. The routines are also based around some theme which goes throughout the show. I am hoping to start doing yoga everyday after I wake up and meditation before I go to sleep. I am hoping this exercise will help me sleep better since I often find that I have trouble getting to sleep. I also have found that when I do yoga I have a lot more energy during the day which is amazing because usually I’m a bit tired. I hope the yoga might help with my back pain due to my scoliosis and help build my core muscles. I’m very excited to have gotten my new yoga mat, straps, and blocks which are standard supplies. Anyhow..This whole thing has left me wondering what other people do for exercise or what health problems ail other people. Do you have an exercise routine? What do you do to be healthier? Are you into herbal healing and other holistic choices? I know I am!

Click Here to be taken to Veria’s website if you are interested.

Also..Happy Summer Solstice!! I didn’t celebrate as much as I would have liked but I might like the candles on my altar and say I short chant or prayer to the sun. It might go like the following. I probably should have laid outside in the sun like a cat.

Summer Solstice

The sun blazes its brightest

spinning through the sky

showing all it glory before it descends

and says goodbye

I just love this cute kitty greeting the sunrise!

I just love this cute kitty greeting the sunrise!


2 comments on “Yoga, Meditation, Sleep, & Energy

  1. bdh63 says:

    I have back problems, too, and I like to stretch with a big ball and foam rollers. I also like yoga and find it helps me feel strong and energized. I celebrated the solstice by writing a new story. I’m glad you liked it!

    • Megan says:

      I’m glad to know that it helps you feel better with your back as well. 🙂 And that’s an awesome way of celebrating the solstice.

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