Life is Struggle

Life is Struggle

Life is struggle.
Anyone who does
not know this,
has already
declared victory
or retreat.

You could be
struggling against social stigmas
or yourself
or for control
or for freedom

Anyone who sees this
realizes peace may never
be an option
and maybe should never be

Because the beauty behind
this sad truth is creation.
By harnessing and expressing
each of our personal battles,
we create something new every day.
We grow.

And how dull would life be
without it anyway?
In truth we live
for these intense moments
Of conflict.
If we were idle, we would be dead inside
due to the void of purpose.

I believe each of us
have a singular purpose
to fulfill
in our lifetime
and if we complete it,
we declare victory.
If we do not,
We declare retreat.



13 comments on “Life is Struggle

  1. This is moving, there are two sides pulling at you and two faces to her. Beautifully illustrates inner feelings

  2. I like this post a lot, thank you for letting us inside your world and dreams. It’s understandable that at moments you would fantasize about life with support around the house.
    You are incredible, your courage and love for child is admirable.

  3. I had to simply like this because there is no place to click a love button!

  4. karmami says:

    I very seldom say this…but this is about the one of the most insightful …expressive and beautiful piece of poetry I have ever read….it truly conveys the thoughts and behaviors of our human nature…

    • Megan says:

      Thank you! I was really aiming for it to express my philosophy about life in general.

      • karmami says:

        Well that too , I think you are a very sophisticated girl for your age and your views and philosophy from what I read about you tells me that you are very confident. You left a very positive impression ..perhaps , I am not as good as expressing myself very well..Truly you are a very impressive young lady…I like that

      • Megan says:

        Thank you. I do like philosophy and was part of the philosophy club at high school. I also like learning about pretty much anything and everything.

      • karmami says:

        That is excellent… I am of Guaymi and Jewish roots , but my belief system is mostly rooted in Native spirituality and ancient Native teachings and I can definitely tell you this…I see you going places… I see you have a bright future ahead of you…please do not lose sight of this….

      • Megan says:

        Thank you for the positive words. I’ll take a look at your blog since I find Native teachings interesting.

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