What Do You Like Readers?

Hey! So since I have been blogging for this long, even though have gotten generally good feedback, I want more feedback on what my followers and readers are interested in. Therefore I am going to take the categories I already have and make a poll out of them so you can provide me feedback on what category interests you the most. Also comment down below too if you have any other ideas about how I can make my blog better. I will take your interests into consideration when I write my blog and try to include things you would actually want to read. Thank you for reading.

I just love this picture.

I just love this picture.


10 comments on “What Do You Like Readers?

  1. I like this idea.. I enjoy all topics you write about but will do the poll, when on a laptop.

  2. bdh63 says:

    Dang, I only got to vote for one thing! Like lots of what you do.

  3. I voted but have to add, I love your writing, paganism, and crafts posts as well. I like everything but voted on philosophy.
    Like I say, there are many others I enjoy. Truth be Megan, I like the variety that you do and am a huge fan of your blog and all the content you post.

  4. bdh63 says:

    My daughter and I were collecting material for our art project for your contest. Hope to be completed and photographed today! I would have checked the last six items on your list, too, I find them all interesting. I like your vibe, though, and appreciate the things you share. What makes you most happy to prepare and post?

    • Megan says:

      That’s awesome! I can’t wait to see what you came up with. I hope other people are doing the contest as well or else it won’t be as much fun. I’m glad you fun what I post interesting. I like preparing a post about crafts and poetry. I of course like them all. I also enjoy if I have a lot of photographs or images to go along with my posts. I just think it makes it more fun.

      • bdh63 says:

        Me, too. I have a series of photos to send, but I’ll only send a few in each email so it won’t bounce.

      • Megan says:

        Sounds awesome! I’m quite glad I inspired you both to create something with each other. I often find creation the most rewarding when someone else is involved in the process or if I am creating something which is for someone else.

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