Winner of Creative Contest!

Hello all. Since no one else submitted anything to the contests I posted, my job has become easier. The winner of the contest in automatically Brenda from friendly fairytales. Click Here to go check out her blog. She took it upon herself to make and take pictures of a fairy house. I absolutely love fairy houses and the one she made was just beautiful!  Thank you so much Brenda for your participation. 

Prize: A $25 donation to the Make-A-Wish Foundation as specified in her e-mail.

This is the pictures and emails she sent me. I apologize that the other pictures you sent me aren’t on here. I stupidly deleted them from my e-mail before checking to make sure they were working on my blog. I didn’t delete the pictures you sent of the final product so I included those. Yay!


My daughter and I had a fun time collecting objects to make a fairy house for your Creative contest. So we created this one-word poem in the woods with a small fallen stick:

Then we assembled our found objects:

We found four sticks of similar height, a three curls of bark (which were originally two, but one broke on the way home). The smaller stick we had drawn our poem with, a pine branch, a pine cone and a piece of cut tree where someone had cleared the path (not us).

A few weeks ago, we created this fairy circle with sharp rocks we found on a hike. We decided to build our fairy house as part of the fairy circle, and we placed the cut tree chip on the ground as the flooring for our fairy house.

Then we used the sticks themselves to dig into the ground and bury them deep enough to support the bark roof. We knocked over one of the stones in the fairy circle.

The bark roof fit perfectly, and provided a little shade. We wiggled the stone securely back into place, moving both standing stones to create an opening to the fairy house.

Then we laid the last two pieces of bark as a walkway. We also pushed a series of small twigs into the ground on the other three sides of the house as walls to keep the fairies safe.

We added a found piece of broken brick as a chair, and used the pine cone and branch to decorate the fairy house. My daughter contributed a plastic flower that she had picked up from the stage floor after my son’s school play.

Here is the finished fairy house and its fairy ring.

My daughter and I had fun with your contest. No tools were used, no objects were purchased, and no fairies were harmed (or plants). We picked up the objects on our usual walk. We assembled the house in the blistering sun in about 20 minutes at most. Putting together the emails to send you was the long part. 🙂

My daughter can’t wait for the fairies to visit us. 🙂

If we win the contest, we would be delighted to donate any winnings to the Make a Wish Foundation. 🙂 We would also be delighted to lose to an even better and more imaginative project!

I was not sure which contest to specify, because they seemed pretty similar except for the use of tools. Use your judgment as to which contest to put this entry toward. You can use the one-word poem separately or not at all. We aren’t finicky. The only tools used were the sticks that became part of the fairy house.



P.S. The sun went behind clouds, and I was able to get better pictures than when the sun was blinding.

fae house fae house 2

These show the detail better and have less shadows to confuse the eye.

A rainstorm came in the meantime, and all three of my kids and one of their friend was outside playing as well, and the fairy house has survived!


8 comments on “Winner of Creative Contest!

  1. bdh63 says:

    Terrific post! Score! Woo-hoo! So happy to have won, even if by default. Friendlyfairytales is delighted to be hosting the winning pictures. The story I wrote using the fairy house as inspiration is here:
    And the one word poem mentioned in the rambling emails above is here:
    Thanks for donating on our behalf. Warmly, Brenda

    • Megan says:

      No problem with the donation. I still wish I hadn’t deleted that e-mail so soon. Oh well. I’m glad you have your pictures on your blog. 🙂

      • bdh63 says:

        It was a fun experience! Thanks for hosting a contest. The fairy house still stand today in the fairy circle. 🙂

      • Megan says:

        Glad to know your fairy house is doing so well and I’m glad you had fun with this. 🙂 If I ever do a contest again it might be something with writing since I think that might get a better turn out. I not many of the blogs which follow me are writing blogs.

      • bdh63 says:

        Maybe a “what does ____ mean to you” contest with answers in comments. You could do spirituality or creativity or almost an infinite number of fill in the blanks. You could run a new contest every week or month. Open entries for a week (too long a time frame and people lose interest) and then announce a winner with a link to the winning comment. Winner would be whoever you want. If you post the winner with a list of all commenters (with links to their about pages maybe) it wouldencourage everyone who participates to reblog, to check out and follow the other commenters… Comments might get very interesting… Followers would grow… Just a thought…

      • Megan says:

        Very interesting idea. I am unsure right now whether I have the energy for such a thing. What would I use for a prize? Maybe a chance to do a guest post? I’m a bit confused as to how this work too. Could you explain this better? Do you have a visual example?

      • bdh63 says:

        No prize… If it doesn’t appeal, don’t do it. It was just a thought.

      • Megan says:

        It does appeal to me. I might try it a little bit later. Thank you for suggesting it.

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