Hey all!

I’m still here. I haven’t forgotten. I have just been busy. I went to Maine this weekend and arrived back home today. I am pretty tired so I’m making this post short and sweet. So..I’ll just ask some questions which you all can answer in the comments: What vacations have you been on? Did they go well or not so well? Where do you want to go? What is your dream vacation?


New Awards!

I recently got awards from the author of the blog Ides of Life. Thank you so much!

Here are the awards:



The rules is that I have to award 15 of my followers and tell 7 randoms facts about myself.

7 Facts About Me

1. I have an odd phobia where I can’t stand beneath or next to large man-made structures without being frozen in fear.

2. My favorite season is Autumn.

3. I really love all different types of colors (especially if they are found in nature) but my current favorite color is indigo (bluish-purple).

4. I love dragonflies.

5. I have a learning disability called a processing disorder which makes it difficult to read and generally take in the world around me.

6. I want to be an elementary school teacher after I graduate from college.

7. I love cheesecake, cinnamon, and pumpkin.

Award Recipients 

I decided to choose blogs which I secretly admire and would love to have endless time to peruse. If you would like to peruse them to your hearts content then click on each blogs name. I’d just like to say keep up the great work!

To the owners and authors of,

1. http://brownpaperbelle.com/  Your blog is so lovely! The design is flawless and the posts are so colorful and creative. It always manage to catch my eye with something new.

2. http://witchininthekitchen.com/ I also love the design of your blog and when I do get to reading it I enjoy it very much. I have often thought of becoming a kitchen witch myself. But first I need to learn to cook. I think I’m more of hedge witch than anything.

3. http://happyliving.wordpress.com/ Love this blog for some of its useful and interesting posts.

4. http://writingsofamrs.wordpress.com/ Love the poetry she does! She is very talented. I encourage you to like her Facebook page as well.

5. http://practicalenrichment.wordpress.com/ Always something interesting on here and seeing the fresh food on your blog makes my mouth water.

6. http://poetryonaroll.wordpress.com/ I love this poetry blog because so much of the poetry has a down to earth feel. It is so real and so refreshing.

7. http://friendlyfairytales.com/ Now, if you want some whimsical fiction and happen to love fairies then you need not search anymore. This blog has whimsy up to its eyes and is perfect if you want to read something sweet to little ones.

8. http://marlonspoetry.wordpress.com/ I can not say enough about this guys poetry! It is so rich with playful sounds and meaning.

9. http://voidpoetry.com/ This is a blog I recently discovered but so far I am liking what I am seeing. Keep it up!

10. http://therussianway.wordpress.com/ I love this blog if I want to catch some short tidbits of poetry which display everyday life.

11. http://poemsandpeople.wordpress.com/ Again another blog I have recently noticed and it definitely has poetry I would call epic. Every poem is deep and has the feel of a classic.

12. http://maineaperture.wordpress.com/ The photography is gorgeous. The use of the camera is absolute perfection.

13. http://brookesvoice.wordpress.com/ I consider this blogger a friend and she is also quite talented in writing down real life events.

14. http://ravilart.wordpress.com/ His art is amazing! I am entirely jealous of his skill. When he posts something you come face to face with a piece of work of pure beauty,

15. http://sophiecussen.wordpress.com/ A blog I recently discovered and full of nature. If you want some lovely photos and info on the environment then this is the place to go!

Thanks for reading this and please check out those blogs if you have time. They really are worth a peak!




Medicated Madness

Hey everyone.. I know I haven’t been posting as much and for this I am sorry.  I just wrote this poem and it’s really meant to be read out loud. I’m thinking of recording myself reading it. Would you guys like that? Anyway.. Here it is. Tell me if you have any suggestions.

Medicated Madness

I feel like we live in states
of medicated madness
where you take a pill for anything which aggravates
from an ache in the back to life-threatening sadness

This is the world we live in
from the Doctor’s Office or the Back Alley
selling poison and trying to quell our sin
but understand changing society is the only remedy

So I ask you.. which pill would you take;
the one which will cure the problem or the one the factories make?


Music Monday: Aimee Mann- Pavlov’s Bell

I very much like this artist! She has a very unique voice and the lyrics to her songs are very interesting. I have also come to love the electric guitar featured in her songs. It adds such a powerful sound to the music. She was featured of Buffy the Vampire Slayer in one particular episode and her songs can be heard in others. Obviously Joss Whedon is a fan. Anyhow,….enjoy.

To All Poetry Lovers!

Hey everyone! I have noticed that many of the bloggers who follow me write and read poetry. If any of you live in the Massachusetts area or even if you don’t but need a vacation, the National Poetry Slam competition will be happening soon. If you aren’t familiar with slam poetry (let’s face it you probably are you smart people), it is a powerful way of sharing poetry through speaking in a more competitive environment. If you would like more information about the National Poetry Slam Click Here.

Here is a good example of a poetry slam.