Medicated Madness

Hey everyone.. I know I haven’t been posting as much and for this I am sorry.  I just wrote this poem and it’s really meant to be read out loud. I’m thinking of recording myself reading it. Would you guys like that? Anyway.. Here it is. Tell me if you have any suggestions.

Medicated Madness

I feel like we live in states
of medicated madness
where you take a pill for anything which aggravates
from an ache in the back to life-threatening sadness

This is the world we live in
from the Doctor’s Office or the Back Alley
selling poison and trying to quell our sin
but understand changing society is the only remedy

So I ask you.. which pill would you take;
the one which will cure the problem or the one the factories make?



2 comments on “Medicated Madness

  1. Ricardo Avila says:

    It’s beautiful! Please do make a recording, that would be fantastic!

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