Hello again!

Hello! I’m sorry for being lazy and not posting. I’ve been sick all this week and just now I am getting over the cold.

Here is the start of the videos I’m going to making during the school year for this blog. As I say in the video, I’m going to try to keep them under five minutes so they don’t take to much time to watch or make. If you’d like me to discuss something particular (really I will talk about anything) then comment below. I am planning on reading some of my poems out loud and stories too. Would you like that?

Anyhow, here is my video.

Enjoy! (I hope!)



Whispering Leaves Spell

I know. I know. Bad me for not keeping up this blog! I’ve been very very busy between trying to back homework and a new boyfriend. Hopefully I will start posting more things and videos. For now I’ll leave you with a spell I wrote a bit ago. With the changing season from summer to fall fast approaching, I feel it is appropriate. I also am including a poem I wrote which I feel fits.

Whispering Leaves Spell

Do you ever feel like there are a million voices floating of the breeze when the wind blows? I do and recently with Autumn beginning and the leaves starting to fall I have been thinking of a good spell to do. The wind represents many things to me but there are two which are prominent: communication and banishing bad energy.

Here is what you will need:
Two fallen leaves (One colorful and one brown. Get them from the same tree if possible.)
A hill where you can look up at the open sky and into the distance
A marker (black for banishing and blue for communication).

Up on the hill pick up the brown leaf which will represent banishing. Take the black marker and write one word on the back of the leaf which describes something you want to rid yourself of. Pick up the leaf and when the wind blows throw it into the air and say:

Leaf leaf float away
May I never go astray
Now I’m free to dance and play

Now take the colorful leaf and the blue marker. Write on the back something which you wish would happen. When the wind blows again take the leaf and release it into the air and say:

Leaf leaf I sent away
To the Divine I pray
That my wish be granted today



I see you smile
behind the leaves
I see your warmth
though the air is cold

My heart rejoices
I become a child eternally
I jump into your arms

But I will grow old
and if you have fallen
beneath the leaves
when my time has come to fall
I hope I fall into your arms
so I can once again
see you smile
behind the leaves