A Poem’s Potential

A Poem’s Potential

You don’t write a poem.
You craft it.
Methodically filling it to the brim
Until it overflows
And spreads so thin
Across the world it grows

It becomes a twinkle
In the consciousness of a few
Planting and feeding a seed
Tender and new with dew.

This seed makes a new plant.
This in turn makes more.
If you think your little poem can’t
Have potential, it does have it in store.

Magnolia Tree


Hey everyone!

I’m so so so sorry! I have not been paying attention to this blog and all of your wonderful blogs. School has kept me busy! Thanksgiving is coming soon in the U.S. I’d love to hear your thoughts on the holiday if you have any.

Now a poem:

Seeds I Can Sow

among the eyes which stare my way

who are my friends is hard to say

when I enter here I do not know

How friendships seeds I can sow