Hello Again Everyone!

I know you all have pretty much forgot about me! But I’m one of those crazy poet types always posting their poetry. I have been so so so insanely busy this past school year! I have officially declared my Creative Writing concentration in my English major at school.

I have also been busy with my wonderful boyfriend Skye. He’s a sweetheart. I love him dearly.

I have also joined him in his pursuit at making a successful etsy online store for his larp and cosplay equipment as well as my jewelry and crochet goods.

So head on over to Our Etsy to check it out if you wish.

Much love and friendship to you all,


Skye and I Cosplayed

Skye and I Cosplayed

Marceline Cosplay

Marceline Cosplay

Me with one of Skye's Shields he has made.

Me with one of Skye’s Shields he has made.

Myself Being Silly

Myself Being Silly

Skye My Lovely Boyfriend

Skye My Lovely Boyfriend


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