New Writing Idea!

Hey everyone! Long time no post I know. I got very caught up in life as usual and forgot about all you lovely folks. It’s hard being a student and a blogger at the same time. Obviously the student thing took priority. But now, summer has released me once more from nose to grindstone work.

There have been a few changes. One, my lovely boyfriend Skye entered the picture. Two, I started cosplaying with him. lol! I know. I’m such a geek.

Skye My Lovely Boyfriend

Skye My Lovely Boyfriend


Three, my family just got a new puppy Remus and he is a ball of fun and sometimes  oh okay a lot of the time mischief. But we are trying our best to train him and make him behave. Finger crossed he learns that fingers and toes aren’t toys. Ouch!

Remus The New Pup In The House

Remus The New Pup In The House

But anyhow, I’m very excited right now about a new story/novel idea. The working title is Diary of a Reaper. The point of view is from a character named Heather Turner; a reaper who in her words “just want[s] it to end”. But here’s the thing, she already died a long time ago. She left her parents and sisters grieving and went into the spirit world only to find out she has a job to do. But really, deep down, she knows it’s not a job at all but punishment. She has been at it for what she feels is an eternity; She can’t really know for sure since there is no sense of time in the realm she live within. In fact she often jumps from one time to another collecting souls for their passage to their fated position in the heavens. Where is God though? Nobody has seen God but everyday when each reaper gets their list of deaths, they get a quite literal sensation reminding them that he, she, or it is watching.

Love This Painting!

Love This Painting!



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