Yet More Flowers Have Been Created!

I created a lovely Marigold flower today as well as a flower entitled “sign of spring” in my book. One thing with crocheting flowers in a round is that I feel like sometimes I’m making the same type of flowers. But that’s okay. Perhaps later I will experiment with trying to make tulips. For! 

"Sign of Spring"

“Sign of Spring”




White Crochet Flower Bracelet With Rose Bead


Bracelet Width: 6 cm. 
Flower Width: 3 cm. 
Colors: White & Gold.
Materials: Metal bead & White Crochet Thread.

This simple but elegant bracelet was made with great care. The crochet thread is stretchy so there is little need to worry about it being too small. The rose bead adds a sweet accent to the piece which I find lovely. Why not give this as a small wedding present to a bride to be? They could use it as their something new. 

Questions? Comments? 

IMG_1780 IMG_1781 IMG_1782 IMG_1784

Steampunk Spike & Octopus Necklace and Earrings


I recently made this beauty for my shop. I crocheted hemp for the first time to make the cord for it and I am happy with how it came out. What do you think? 

Length: 43 cm from pendant bottom to clasp. 
Pendant Width: 4 cm. 
Materials: Hemp cord, Spike charms, Octopus pendant, Clasp, and other findings. 
Colors: Brown, Silver, Gold, and some blue in pendant. 

This necklace was a work of love for the steampunkers out there. Especially those who love pirates and anything nautical. It is definitely a statement necklace. I started by making the cord the charms and pendant would be attached to by crocheting hemp cord. I thought hemp was the right type of feel I was going for with this one of a kind piece. Since I had two extra spikes I didn’t want to use I made earrings as well to complete the look. For my first steampunk piece I am quite proud of it. 

IMG_1770 - Copy IMG_1772 IMG_1773 IMG_1774 IMG_1777

Thought for Food Thursday: Honey Biscuit Recipe

Recently I found an amazing recipe for honey biscuits per request of my boyfriend who bought a lot of real local honey. 

Click Here To See The Recipe

The first time I tried it I think I needed the dough too much and stretched it out too thin because the biscuits weren’t flaky and lacked layers. However, the second time, they came out perfect. They are delicious and are definitely going to become a staple for meals to come. They also go really well with chili. 

Photo Credit: Donna Currie

Photo Credit: Donna Currie

Flower Update!

I have finally started back up with crocheting my flowers again! Yay! And I’m feeling much better. I crocheted three flowers today and crocheted one yesterday. In order to meet my goal of having them shipped out by the 31st I’m going to need to do two flowers each day instead of one. Now that I have more energy I feel up to the challenge. 

Much Happiness,


Dainty Blue

Dainty Blue

Perfectly Plum

Perfectly Plum

Yellow and Purple (Yes Purple. I know it looks blue in the picture.)

Yellow and Purple (Yes Purple. I know it looks blue in the picture.)

White and Lavender

White and Lavender

Writing Wednesday: To the Man I Have Finally Forgiven

To the Man I Have Finally Forgiven

I desired to grasp you;
but you sank from me
like after wading constantly
for hours under this pressure.

I can explain my boiling life water
filled with eggs I might not use
not wanting to become like you.

But it would be useless at this point.
I might get lost in gravel
picking at each piece of sandy
flecks which remains stuck
despite sitting in a bath
until I was a prune

Who decided I needed
to forgive you
at some point,
somehow find the strength to
let go of it all, fling my emotions

into the washing machine
set it to delicate
pray everything comes out intact
being clean would only be a bonus.

with a hope that you somehow
was just misunderstood.
To forget your actions and
restart would make it easy
like slipping through liquid.

Yet I never learned how to
Swim, you never taught me,
and I never could
gather the courage to float
on top of you
because I may drown trying.

Because you see
I have weighted memories of you
which might make me sink

Yet the problems are
all the same; and
if I feel myself sinking,
I will realize I should have tried
To face the depths of you in which
I was afraid to swim,
despite the risks which presented themselves.

Maybe I would have understood sooner
That both of us
Were tying rocks to our feet
We just needed to be brave enough
To dive under and let them go

Saved From Drowning

Saved From Drowning