Writing Workshop

This Tuesday I started a writing workshop for children at the Boys & Girls Club in Salem. The children have been so fantastic and show so much potential to be smart and creative people. I did an exercise today where the students imagined a character in their head and then wrote it down on paper. I think I may have been a little unclear that the character had to be one of their own and not one they have seen.

So far I am having a wonderful time with it. The children love being read to and I love reading to them.

Perhaps I should record myself reading some books out loud?

Anyway.. I’m going to bring my camera next time and see if I can take pictures of their products for this blog.

Where I Volunteer Now

Where I Volunteer Now


3 comments on “Writing Workshop

  1. Musu says:

    Really impressive! I’m glad to see that the children were actually interested in writing.

    • Megan says:

      Some of them were! But sometimes it tends to digress into doing art or craft activities since it seems as if the kids are more interested in that. There is the Gym and Game Room open for them too at the time so sometimes a bunch of kids go to those rooms. But it’s good to just start them out with trying to write and do writing exercises.

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