Steampunk Spike & Octopus Necklace and Earrings


I recently made this beauty for my shop. I crocheted hemp for the first time to make the cord for it and I am happy with how it came out. What do you think? 

Length: 43 cm from pendant bottom to clasp. 
Pendant Width: 4 cm. 
Materials: Hemp cord, Spike charms, Octopus pendant, Clasp, and other findings. 
Colors: Brown, Silver, Gold, and some blue in pendant. 

This necklace was a work of love for the steampunkers out there. Especially those who love pirates and anything nautical. It is definitely a statement necklace. I started by making the cord the charms and pendant would be attached to by crocheting hemp cord. I thought hemp was the right type of feel I was going for with this one of a kind piece. Since I had two extra spikes I didn’t want to use I made earrings as well to complete the look. For my first steampunk piece I am quite proud of it. 

IMG_1770 - Copy IMG_1772 IMG_1773 IMG_1774 IMG_1777


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