Late August

One of my followers whom I follow. I love his poetry and decided this poem of his was worthy of some recognition. 🙂 Enjoy.

Sounds of the Son

Hold my hand, my love
Be not distant
For late august winds
Can bring a subtle separation

The ending of a season
Can bring disconsolation
And the swan song of summer
Is a ballad, bitter blue

Paths that push past the horizon
Leave new love to wander
To reclaim its beginnings
Or flirt with finalities

The wheels of passions
Slow in their spinning
As the course of sweet union
Gently slopes uphill

Hold my hand, my love
Be not hesitant
For the late august rains
Can bring subtle reservations

Sun tinged memories
Can bring complication
And the reveries of yesterday
Are a picture without a tune

Clouds that cover the skyline
Lead love in a different way
To chase the fading sun
Or lay wait the moon’s ascent

The chariot of desire
Trails off on its run
As the mist of summer missed
Forms an autumn haze

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