Dogs: The Best People

I often marvel at dogs. What they can accomplish when working with humans is astounding as well as their loyalty and compassion. There was one episode of Dogs 101 on the channel Animal Planet on TV, where a police officer from New York City describes his black lab who worked with him after the twin towers fell to help the rescue effort. He said that the dog would go into places where he wasn’t sure he would come out again. Dogs can be so brave. Recently before the interview the dog had to be put to sleep having served a full life of working with his human partner. It was hard to watch such a dignified man get teary eyed talking about it.

My Aunt's Dogs Olive (front) and Maizie (back).

My Aunt’s Dogs Olive (front) and Maizie (back).

There was another account I think I saw on the internet of a dog in Japan who waited for his owner days after his owner died. Can you imagine giving up food, water, and your own general comfort just out of loyalty for one person? Dogs are so selfless it is mind-boggling. There was also recently a picture online of Marines saluting an old German Shepard who was going into the Vet to be put to sleep. Who better to have this honor than a dog? The dog was in the service and being a dog worked his tail off (pun totally intended) selflessly just to please his master and be affirmed as a member of the pack. If more people did something just to make other people happy, the world would be a better place.


My Family’s Previous Dog Ace. He passed away in 2012.

Adding to that idea, there are a lot of life lessons people can learn from dogs. I often see dogs portraying the best emotions and qualities of human kind; Then again dog backwards is God. Coincidence; I think not. Dogs are self-less, compassionate, loyal, brave, and above all know how to appreciate the small things (like a tennis ball). So how about we become a bit more like them in our daily lives.

My Family's Current Puppy Remus. He is a sweetie.

My Family’s Current Puppy Remus. He is a sweetie.


5 comments on “Dogs: The Best People

  1. Emmy says:

    I absolutely agree. x

  2. I too am an animal lover! You write very well!

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