Happiness and Being a Student

Lately I have been thinking a lot about Happiness. Yes, Happiness with a capital “H”. I often wonder if I am really happy with what I am doing. Right now everything is just a means to an end; the end being a career so I can support myself in this world. It’s not so much that I hate college specifically as that I am disillusioned that my life has become school. In fact everyone’s life is school until they are at least 18 years old and since I chose to go to college it is longer. Don’t get me wrong. I love education and I love being in school and learning new things. I just have a lot of problems with how much time students (including myself) actually have for themselves.

Despite my Education teachers preaching about and having us read about better practices and how to include students in learning, I still feel all of us are missing a major piece of the problem. Kids are being allowed to be kids. I’m not being allowed to be a young adult to some extent. Instead of spending time with friends and doing fun activities during the week, I am spending my time hitting the books struggling to read about how to best teach. What if we made education about happiness instead of anything else? I mean..isn’t that everyone’s end goal here; to be happy?

I don’t really have an answer as to how we can still be intelligent human beings and also have enough free time to be happy. Maybe, the key is to make learning more fun and therefore a happy experience across all levels (this means college too), instead of something which is a means to an end. It puzzles me that I truly enjoy the subjects I am studying yet find myself restless to have social interaction beyond schoolwork related talk. Overall, I think people need to slow down and not put too many responsibilities on each other. Relaxation time is important too.



3 comments on “Happiness and Being a Student

  1. daniellajoe says:

    Relaxation is important too…I totally agree 🙂

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