What happens within

Never shows without

It’s the oldest idea

When did we become so false?
Or were we always?
Hiding the hollows
Hiding the shocks

The unfortunate tune
Of a life marked by ink
I stab the pen
Bleeding my existence into the words

Will they see me now?
Will they see that I am made of black and blue?
Will they see that I feed off pain
Like a newborn feeds off sticky milk?

Why do I?
Why do I do what I never want to?
Are my goals and dreams that toxic to me?
Life should have warning labels for each action

Yet I consider myself happy
I consider myself successful
But for whom?
Not myself, Not really anyway

One day- I will spill my liquid
One day- They will see Me- only Me and My true dreams


2 comments on “Within/Without

  1. Our masks and us…
    What a conundrum…

    Powerful words and thoughts Megan! 🙂

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