Hello Again!

Yet again dear readers I have returned,

I am unsure for how long this time around. I think when I posted last I told you that I was going back to school. It seems like on break is the only free time I really get but even that is somewhat untrue. You see I have unfortunately prioritized this last which is a real loss because I truly enjoy blogging. It helps me reflect.

I have been focusing on my Etsy more than this lately since I’m still hoping to get my first sale. I recently got from a forum post I created some great answers to my questions on how to tag items effectively to increase SEO.

My Shop Banner. You like?

My Shop Banner. You like?

I also am planning on learning how to cook and possibly videotaping my attempts. I could try to reach out to the college student community on a real life level as another college student struggling to make good-tasting, cheap, and quick meals.

Another reason I have been neglecting this blog is that I’ve gotten more involved in my college community lately. I’ve been continuing with Red Skies (a journalism wordpress run by a student staff), getting more involved with the English Honors Society, and the attempt of the Education department to create a branch of FEA (Future Educators of America). Not to mention I also work 8 hours in the Writing Center as a tutor.

All of this while keeping my grades up, hanging with my boyfriend on the weekends, and trying to make more items for my Etsy.

For now dear reader I hope you have enjoyed this ramble about my life. So much has happened. It is truly exciting and bit daunting.

I wonder if you all have forgotten about me. I would not blame you but I remember some of the lovely writings, art, and other wonderful ideas we shared. I’d love to share some more!

All the Best for You and Yours,



Another School Year About To Start

Dear readers,

With another school year about to start for me I contemplate my goals for this year. What can I do differently? What should I look forward to and what am I leaving behind? And most importantly what will become of my blog and etsy? 

So right here right now I am created a list of goals for this year:

1. Work hard but take some time to play

2. Get my license (I know I can’t believe I don’t have it yet either. :P)

3. Get a job 

4. Bond with teachers and classmates (afterall they are people who can reference me later, support me, and give me advice)

5. Plan to post something each week for this blog

6. Make something for my etsy each week & make a treasury twice a week

7. Get exercising, eating healthy, and relaxing through meditation.

8. Be more productive during the day on homework and other things.

9. Spend time with friends as well as taking time for myself.

This is all a bit of a daunting task but I think with time and effort I can achieve my goals.


Much Happiness to You,


The orange post-it is going to be the challenge for some of these.