Tunes Tuesday: Fuel to Fire by Agnes Obel

I recently listened to this song yesterday and woke up with it in my head. I love her skill at playing the piano as well as her voice. If I were to pick one word to describe her work as a musical artist, the word would be “haunting”. Also anyone who saw my previous post may have seen that my boyfriend was looking for an apartment. He has decided to go with an apartment which was offered to him and we are moving him in this upcoming weekend. Very exciting.

Hope you enjoy the song,



Tunes Tuesday: Chinese by Lily Allen

I love this song and it definitely describes how I’ve been feeling lately. My boyfriend has been looking for an apartment he can afford and I wish that I could get one with him. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to get a job despite my efforts and one of things standing in his way is not having a roommate to split everything. It is unfortunate and I want to him to be happy. Anyway..

Much Happiness to you all,


Music Monday: Aimee Mann- Pavlov’s Bell

I very much like this artist! She has a very unique voice and the lyrics to her songs are very interesting. I have also come to love the electric guitar featured in her songs. It adds such a powerful sound to the music. She was featured of Buffy the Vampire Slayer in one particular episode and her songs can be heard in others. Obviously Joss Whedon is a fan. Anyhow,….enjoy.