A Very Short Story: Shades of My Soul

I re-found this very short story in some of my writing. I hope you enjoy it.

I fell deep into a well and I was crying for help. You came and lifted me up from the unforgiving cold. You looked at me and I knew it. I desperately tried to speak but could not. It was at twilight or dawn. I can not quite remember. I stared intently into your grayish blue eyes. You retreated into the dark forest and I followed you like a fool. There was no doubt in my mind; it was you. You were the person who came to me in my dreams. You were the one who introduced me to the wonder of the shades of night and day. You told me of magic and whispered secrets lost in time. I thought you were just a dream. Was this reality? Was I awake? I ran through the forest in search of you. You always told me you would be there if I ever needed you. What you don’t know is I do need you. I always need you and always have. I cried out into the darkness “I need you! Don’t go!”. You stepped out into my sight and I saw as the moonlight illuminated your deep eyes with such an intense shade blue. Those eyes inspired such calmness but still ignited my soul. You took my hands and we danced. My soul swirled through the dark moonlit night like the bottom of my dress as I twirled. In my heart a small sun was rising into daylight. I could see the moon in your eyes as I moved around. I could feel love stir in me for the warm coolness you brought with you. I loved this twilight dance with both moon and sun together in the same sky. The orange leaves against the dark bark of the trees blew in the wind. The fire blazed. You made my life a blissful contradiction with all those different shades combined together. I never knew dark could be so light. I never knew light could play in the dark. The shades of your soul has left a mark because the shades of my soul have begun to spark.


On Sleep

Sleep is an important part of health and happiness. It is also when we dream we open ourselves into the subconscious and sometimes other realms. There is much lore about sleep. Mugwort under the pillow will help one dream of the future. Lavender will help one sleep soundly. Oak branches over ones bed will protect them while sleeping. Anyway here is my stuff on sleep.

Nightmare Relief Potion

teaspoon of cloves
3 sage leaves
handful of lavender flowers
teaspoon of vanilla extract

Sweet Dreams Tea

A few leaves of catnip
handful of chamomile flower
tablespoon of lavender

Sleep Mojo Bag

put in purple or blue cloth and tie up:

An amethyst crystal
three bay leaves (for prophetic dreams)
your favorite trinket

The Dreamer

chose the hidden path
seen by no average eye

many eyes see darkness
few eyes illuminate

no soul can find his or her way
a soul will on this day

a strong heart beats within her chest
until the end she will never rest

she swears this
sealing her wish
with a magic kiss

she dares to enter the unknown
adventure shall be sown

by her subconscious she is led
fantasy streaming through her head

awaken she thinks these images dreams
still enchanted by how real it seems